How Successful Was The Reform Movement From 1825 To 1850

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In the 18th century, during the years of 1825 to 1850 America was going through Reform movements. The Reform movement sought to expand democratic ideals in the United States. The Reform movement had social, economic and political changes or events in America. Out of all of these three things, the Reform movement had a lot more social changes and events than the other two. As the Reform movement was more of a social movement that aim to make gradual changes in society or at least some parts of society. There was a lot of Social events and changes in America. As the there was other movements besides the Reform Movement that was going on in the 18th century. Like the women right and and Anti-slavery movements that were going on in the 18th …show more content…

While having the phrase “Am I not a Women and a Sister?” above her. (Document C) Shows roles of the slaves is going to change as one day they will be free and slavery will be gone in america. The picture also shows woman plight. As there was some women who were abolitionists used this picture, that showed some connection to women's rights and anti-slavery. there was some connection to women's rights and anti-slavery as there were some woman who would collect signature on antislavery petitions, abolitionists women named Lucretia Mott founded an Anti-Slavery society and Maria Child and Maria Chapman who served on the American Anti-Slavery Society. The reason why the abolitionists women used it, is because African American women who were slaves were vulnerable to abuse of their white owners and during the 18th century white women wanted to be more than being housewifes. As white women to, had to obey and let the men abuse them as they could not do anything to the man they married and had most rights taken away from them when they got married. The …show more content…

Some of the things that change America politically involved social events, social changes and or social movement such as the women's right movement. Some of these social things are what caused to change America politically. An example is when Elizabeth Cady Stanton who spoke at Seneca Falls Declaration at August 2, 1848 said “But we are assembled to protest against a form of government, existing without the consent of the governed--to declare our right to be free as man is free, to be represented in the government which we are taxed to support, to have such disgraceful laws as give man the power to chastise and imprison his wife” and “ we now demand our right to vote according to the declaration of the government under which we live.” was an women who was fighting for women's rights and their right to vote, just like any white man in America that can vote freely. (Document I) She was not the only woman who was fight for their rights. As during that time was the rise of the women's rights movement. Many women started to fight for their rights and slowly change the roles of women in their society step by step. Samuel F.B Morse, Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United States, 1835 said “ In our national infancy we needed the strength of numbers...Now emigration is changed; naturalization has become the door of entrance not alone to ever welcome lovers of liberty, but also for the priest-ridden troops of the

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