Ways To Raise Self Esteem

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Gaby Capozza
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Journal #3 In our textbook, self-esteem is defined as “a measure of how valuable you think you are” (Devito 58). According to the Huffington Post, in 2016, four in five women suffer from low self-esteem. I personally occasionally suffer from low self-esteem. Fortunately, there are ways in which I can raise my self-esteem. One way, is by attacking self-destructive beliefs. For example, instead of thinking “I should be liked by everyone”, I can think “I do not need to be loved by everyone.” A second way to raise my self-esteem, is by seeking out nourishing people. I can do this by avoiding individuals who make me feel less about myself. Friends are not true friends if they are negative towards me in any way. By attacking
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For a child, I can tell he or she how well they complete an activity. An example could be, telling a little boy he plays soccer really well. This will then cause him to personally know that he is a good soccer player, which will raise his self-esteem. As far as a parent, I can tell my mom or dad that they did a great job at raising me. If my parents constantly wonder if they are good enough parents or not, this may lead them into having low self esteem. However, if I tell them that they did a great job at raising me, their self-esteem would increase. My boyfriend constantly tells me that I am too pretty for him and that I could date any other man if I wanted to. At times, he even asks how I ended up with him. To increase his self-esteem, I tell him that his personality is special and unlike any other personality I have seen. Additionally, I will tell him that not only do I deserve him, but we deserve each other. By raising my boyfriend's self-esteem, he then understands that we are meant to be with each other. Furthermore, I would raise the self-esteem of a coworker differently. To do this, I can completement my coworkers outfit and say they can pull it off extremely well. Telling someone that you like there clothes is drastically different than telling someone that you like the way their clothes look on them. In this example, my coworker no longer would have second thoughts about wearing that

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