How To Visit A World Trip Essay

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I went to Prague for my world classroom trip was because I was told Prague was an amazing place, it was a place with lots of beautiful castle and breath taking views and when my friends told me their choosing to Prague too, I was more then happy, going on a trip without family and don’t have to go to school wearing the school uniform, just me and the girls having fun but learning in the process in Czech Republic. Fun. :P When we went to visit a school in Prague we had a person called our buddy, where a student from that school got paired up with a person in our school and we had to spend the day with our ‘buddy’. I had a amazing kindhearted ‘buddy’, her name is Lucy. She told me her snap chat and Facebook name so we could keep in contact after the trip. Lucy had long blond /…show more content…
I’ve learnt that Czech Republic is mostly famous for it’s the breathtaking castles, cars, tennis and beer. 
 I’ve also learnt historic events that happened and stories from the castles we visited. I’ve learnt that I could take care of myself and not lose anything without my parent’s reminding me, I’ve also learnt the responsibilities we need. My mom told me she was thinking of going to Czech next year with my aunt and asked me to join her since I’ve been there in this world classroom trip, so I might be returning to Czech Republic next year. I loved going to Prague, It was a fun experience to go to a place where you enjoy yourself while learning with your friends and meeting new friend in the process. I definitely enjoyed the visit to Czech Republic. I think I would always remember the people I’ve met in this World Classroom trip, I’ve met lots of amazing kind-hearted people in this trip. I think I would also remember the joy of being able to in a different place without my parents and the responsibilities we
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