Human Errors In Aviation

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Chapter 2: Human errors
According to the research that l have carried out there are a number of factors which lead to the human errors in aviation. They depend with what they lead to and most of them have to be hidden in our capabilities, as all human are bond to make mistakes. Although these are called errors after they cause catastrophic or minor accidents if they do not some may be called discoveries and applied even more. Some of them are elaborated in detail below:

2.1 Elements of human factors
They are made up many disciplines and their study is difficult. This is made so because they are no distinct answer to how people are affected by an event or deceive conditions. By putting and learning to understand each of the disciplines to various
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When it is for the purpose of preventing, understanding and relieving psychologically based dysfunction and encourage subjective personal development it is called clinical psychology. Focusing on the mental well-being of individuals it can help deal with stress, poor self esteem, accepting corrections and oppression from coworkers and mechanism for complex situations. Another from which deals with studies of standard behavioral, sometimes in a laboratory environment is called experimental psychology. It measures performance, deficiencies and productivity in an attempt to test results of work policies. Problem solving, reading, eating are some of the physiological processes underlying behaviors. Some processes include sensation, learning, human performance, memory, thinking, communication and perception.
When they take into account the relations between people and work it is known as organizational psychology. Areas they cover include consumer habits and the choosing, placement, training, development of agents. Organizational structure and organizational change, job pleasing, consumer behavior are some of the interests. Understanding this concept helps aviation maintenance supervisors learn about some facts below, if executed, can improve the productivity and work
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It is important to aviation maintenance because of the atmosphere and environment that aviation maintenance technicians (AMTS) have to operate with. For instance, a person who is 7 feet 9 inches and weighs 300 pounds is tasked to repair a small component by crawling inside the space of an aircraft. The weight and size of tools and equipment is another example. Both men and women are equally able of doing the same task and a high level efficiency. Although, men and women are generally on two different spectrums of weight and height, an individual who is smaller maybe be able to do the work more proficiency with tools that are tailored to their size as compared with the average being. In short the term the average person and one size fits all does not apply when hiring such a variety group of

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