Advantages And Disadvantages Of Humorists

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Humorists, such as cartoonists, satirical writers, and stand-up comics, often base their work on current events and issues. They never fail to put a twist on their subject, making it easier to digest and understand; therefore, they make the subject more appealing to otherwise uninterested or repulsed people. Albeit the fact that a large part of the public may be misinformed in response to the humorist’s twist on the message, humorists are able to state directly what news articles cannot by shedding light on a subject, by talking about controversial issues, or by merely giving busy people the ability to catch up on current eventualities in the short window of time they have. Many humorists shed light on heavy subjects by making them more pleasing and entertaining for the audience; whilst doing so, they can also often provide the audience with valuable information. The cartoonists that work for Charlie Hebdo often use satirical cartoons to convey a deep message. Whilst these messages can cause great uproar due to their radical points of views, they also manage to inform thousands of people about current events or social issues such as the ongoing Islamophobia, sexism, and so forth. When the terrorist attacks sent a dark cloud upon Paris, …show more content…

Humorists provide these busy people with means by which they can quickly learn about ongoing issues or events. My mother could never find time to read long news articles; therefore, she got all her information from morning news programs where the hosts would dilute the subject and only present valuable information very quickly and effectively. In the absence of humorists many busy people would not be able to keep up to date with current events; therefore, they play a crucial role in our society by providing many people, who lack time to read long articles, with valuable

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