Multiple Themes In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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Shockingly, Zaroff had a "trophy" room full of heads. Richard Connell wrote, "The Most Dangerous Game." Throughout the story Connell develops multiple themes about hunters and hunted. This story shows how there can be hunters and hunted or there cannot be any. Rainsford, who is one of the main characters, gets in a shipwreck around a mysterious island. "The Most Dangerous Game" focuses on both themes of there are hunters and the hunted, or there are no hunters and the hunted. Rainsford makes the statement, "The world is made up of two classes - hunters and hunted." In my opinion, he is right, and the world is only made up of those two classes. There is always someone who is either being hunted, or is the hunter. The main character has accurately …show more content…

For example, the school shooting that happened on February 14, 2018. This relates to the story, because the shooter is the hunter and the victims are the hunted. The shooter had a motive, and he had a reason, just like a hunter would. The hunted are the victims, they are the ones who are being "hunted" by the shooter. The hunter could have also been hunted at a time in his/her life. The shooter was a male who got expelled from the school, so you could say he was being hunted by the teachers or staff. The victims are the hunted, but they do not want to be. Even though you are being hunted you may not be in agreement with it. There were about 18 pronounced dead at the school shooting, and they did not pick to be hunted. Zaroff murdered a lot of innocent people to, and they did not choose to be hunted either. The students and staff who suffered from this horrific encounter did not want to be hunted nor did they choose too. The hunter can pick and choose whom he/she wants to hunt, yet the hunted does not get to choose whom they are being hunted by. A school shooting relates to "The Most Dangerous Game" because like Zaroff, the shooter picked what school he wanted to take advantage of, and Zaroff chose to take advantage of the ship-wreak

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