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Pilot study: Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy for the mood disorder, depression Systematic Review Abstract Background Recent studies have demonstrated the increase of depression around the world. It is a condition that can affect anyone, at any age, at any time as there are many causes and triggers. This disorder causes the loss of emotion, interest, lack of positive thoughts and low energy which can lead to other disorders as well as self-harm and suicide. Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary interventions that is recommended as a treatment for depression. It uses the hypnosis method to alter the state of consciousness. Aim The focus of this review is to examine the effectiveness of hypnotherapy on depression. This study will extract and …show more content…

These types includes: clinical depression, bipolar/manic depression, dysthymic disorder as well as postnatal depression (Hypnotherapy-directory, 2016). Depression is not only a single disorder; it has an inclusive amount of clinical concepts including mild mood disturbance which can occur in an anxious person to many lethal medical illnesses. Nonetheless, disorders including psychotic depression, unipolar or other mood disorders would be referred to as clinical depression (Heap 2012). This study will be looking at all the different types as a …show more content…

The psychological treatments that are commonly offered includes interpersonal therapy, psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy (an example of a complementary therapy) are types of psychotherapies that are commonly used for this disorder (World Health organisation). Hypnotherapy uses the hypnosis method that enables to alter the consciousness. (NHS.uk). Hypnosis has been advanced in clinical practice since World War II, targeting the under covering the root of the problem. It allows to understand the brain, personality and mind, thus allows to reduce and remove the symptoms of this condition (Brown and Fromm,

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