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Ishana Irungbam
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I Am Malala Essay
Surviving a bullet to the face, and winning a Nobel Prize reward are two things you wouldn’t expect to happen in a single lifetime, but this was Malala Youzafzai’s reality. In the book, “I am Malala,” Malala writes about herself and her experiences growing up in Pakistan, and what happened after a dangerous encounter with the Taliban. Malala grew up in Pakistan, where unlike other Middle Eastern Countries, girls could go to school. Her father and her mother encouraged the education of girls in Pakistan, and she grew up with rather revolutionary ideas, ready to learn and further the education of other girls like her. However, after the Taliban started gaining …show more content…

One of the best examples of her country’s effect on her would be when war was declared by Fazlullah, only to be ignored. During this, Malala stated, “We were angry with our government and angry with these terrorists for trying to ruin our life” (Yousafzai 45). At that moment, Malala and her family (along with the others in Swat) were enraged, and upset by the government, due to the unfair treatment. This quote showed the effect that Malala’s life as a child in Pakistan had on her, as it demonstrated her anger towards the government, and the conditions that she had to grow up in. At this time, the people were already used to being oppressed …show more content…

Although Malala had several core experiences throughout her life, her background in Pakistan, her frequent encounters with the Taliban, and the overwhelming support she received, were the experiences that shaped her as a person and helped guide her to becoming the advocate she is today. To be someone living in the US is already a privilege, but being able to pursue a free education is an even bigger one. After reading about Malala’s story, one should be able to realize that they’re extremely lucky, and seeing her life really makes you think and reflect about your own. Even if you feel discouraged that you aren’t going to make a change like she can, it must be important to remember that Malala didn’t start off famous. To the public, she was a brave girl who stood up for women’s rights, and less so the girl who was shot in the face. It wasn’t the shooting that made her who she was; it was her actions. Anyone can make a change in the world if they take the right

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