Iago's Reputation In Othello

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In the same way, Iago and Othello face unforeseen consequences at the end of the play. Iago’s reputation, the same as Othello, is ruined when the truth comes out. Before the drama ends, Lodovico says to Iago, “O Spartan dog/More fell than anguish, hunger, or the sea/Look on the tragic loading of this bed/ This is thy work-The object poisons sight/Let it be hid” (Shakespeare 5.5.415-419). Lodovico calls Iago a “dog” that shows contempt for Iago. According to what happens, Iago is enormously confident that he gains victory in this struggle. However, good fortunate leaves Iago in that important night. When his schemes are almost absolutely perfect, the secret is suddenly out. Take a look at Othello, he receives punishment by Lodovio’s speech:

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