Ideal Early Childhood Care Provider Essay

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Answer the questions below-: 1a. Describe, in detail, your vision of the ideal early childhood care provider. My ideal of a childhood care provider is a worker who cares for different types and ages of children. They care for the basic needs of the children when their parents are away. When the child is at day care while his or her parents are away, the childhood care providers cares for the child like the parents would be doing with the child if he or she were home. 1b. Explain how this vision maximizes the development of positive traits in all four areas of development. This vision maximizes the development of positive traits in all four areas of development by creating such an impact on the child. During the first couple years of children, it is a critical time for brain development. Every part of the brain is waiting to be programmed by experiences. The environments children are in will help determine the direction of their brain development. Children who are deprived or experience limited opportunities for appropriate experiences could become delayed in their learning part of life while children who have the opportunity to develop in an organized and correct environment are challenged to think and learn. NEXT: Select two of the following …show more content…

Brain development starts even before the infant is born. It is crucial that once the baby is born they are introduced to an environment that will provide the child with experiences for the brain to form and learn. With the child being away from the parents during the workday they spend up to 8 hours a day with their childcare provider. They will learn more items from their provider than their parents in some cases. The impact from the childcare providers for brain development is very important on the

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