Immigrants To Montreal: Case Study

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The word “immigration” here stands for the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. These people can be tourists, temporary residents like international students, skilled workers and permanent residents like newcomers. Immigration is one of the important elements that stimulate the multicultural development of Montreal; it provides more opportunities for the restaurant industry in Montreal. Directly, the increasing number of non-Canadian contributes an outstanding amount of new potential customers to restaurants in Montreal. Indirectly, the spread of exotic cultures to local people by immigration brings more local customers to restaurants. These two impact will help the restaurant industry gains more profits to grow and expand.

In recent years, the demographic of Canada has vastly diversified by the constantly increasing different ethnic origins. The increased population brings more customers to restaurants that give them the opportunity to apply economy of scale. According to Chandler’s theory, increasing production output will decrease the total cost. With more …show more content…

Among 211,979 international students, 29,980 chose Montreal to be the destination of study, which count approximately 14% in total. The data of permanent residents shows that in 1995, Canada welcomed 212,863 new immigrants and 260,407 was recorded in 2014. Over ten years, more and more new-coming residents come to Canada along with their culture. When they were interacting with an entirely new culture, nostalgia would stimulate them to look for things they familiar to reduce the feeling of homesick, such as food of their countries. As a result, it will increase the number of customers to those exotic restaurants and the scale of production. Once the production of the restaurants raises, restaurants can get more money to carry

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