Immune System Research Paper

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Overview of Immune system

The human body provides the ideal environment for the microbes such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi to enter the body. Thus, it is the jobs of the immune system to keep them out by protect the body from the harmful substances. Immune system is when the networks of cells and tissues work together to defend the body against the foreign invaders.(Menche,2012 and National Institute Health,2003). According to the Latin word, immune come from the word immunis which is free or untouched. So it is mean that our body must free from the all pathogens that can lead to the diseases. The immune system also can recognize all the millions of the foreign invaders by attacking them and prevent them from enter the body, thus …show more content…

They are called lymphoid organs because there is where the lymphocytes, white blood cell place as it is the main key of the immune system. Then, all the structure or organs of the immune system placed in the body. For example is the bone marrow. The bone marrow is the source of the blood cells include the white blood cells that are play an important role in immune system. The bone marrow has the soft tissue located at the center of bone. Next one is the thymus. Thymus is the place where the T lymphocytes matured. There is alos lymphatic vessels qho are parallels with veins and arteries. It allows the cells to pass through. Then, it also where the process of exchanged between blood and lymphatic vessels occur. Due this process, it allows the lymphatic system to monitor the invading microbes. The lymphatic vessels also carry a clear fluid that it bathes in the body’s tissues that is known as lymph. Another organ is lymph node that is has specialized compartments where the immune system there and can encounter antigens. It shaped is small and bean shapes that are there in neck, armpits, abdomen and groin. As mentioned above, that there is lymphatic vessels, so that the immune cells and all the foreign particles will enter then exit through outgoing lymphatic vessels. When they in bloodstream, then they will transported to tissues to all the body. Then, they will back to the lymphatic system and repeat the

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