Impactful Presidents In US History: Teddy Roosevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt was one of the most impactful presidents in US history, which is why he is carved into Mt. Rushmore. Teddy had a very hard childhood. Both his mother and his deeply admired father died at very young ages, when Teddy was very young. Teddy was teased and bullied as a young kid, but remained a good student with great grades throughout his school career. Theodore had a very spotty education, but somehow ended up receiving a college education at Harvard University. At 43 years old, President Roosevelt, our nation’s 26th president became the youngest president in our history. Roosevelt took care of many groups and causes, such as mineworkers, the common man, land conservation, land preservation, and taking care of the country in general. Teddy’s overcoming of many social and economic problems made him a very impactful president, which is probably some of what …show more content…

Teddy fought for arbitration in many ways, because he wanted peace in America. In foreign affairs, he asked for arbitration in the disagreement between Great Britain/Germany versus Venezuela, which ended up resolving the fight. He believed that, in that case, arbitration was the best move. Also, his motto was, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” because he believed that he needed to be nice, polite, and not overpowering, but needed to be fierce and make sure our country had good defenses, if we needed them. Teddy Roosevelt also earned the title of “Trustbuster.” Theodore used the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to break apart many monopolies that he thought had gone bad. President Roosevelt believed that the huge “trust bosses” were acting foolish, because they were as rich as possible and didn’t care or notice to care about the common man and the desperately struggling poor. Theodore Roosevelt advocated for arbitration and became the “Trustbuster” because of all of the hard work that he put in as

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