Theodore Roosevelt My Favorite President

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There are an endless amount of Presidents that could have been picked for this project that would have worked. However getting Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt I feel like I got the jackpot. Theodore is definitely my favorite president ever. Teddy had such an interesting life before being president and you could honestly write a paper just on his life before the White House. There are just some really cool facts about Theodore too that makes him so cool to learn about. These are some reasons that Theodore Roosevelt was the most influential president in history. Theodore Roosevelt was born in Manhattan, New York City, New York on October 27, 1858. His father’s name was Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and mothers was Martha Roosevelt. Roosevelt Sr. was also the paternal grandfather of the First lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Theodore was a small and frail child so he built a gym to box and lift weights. Hiking was another way that Roosevelt tried to get bigger. Theodore became a student at Harvard University in 1876. He studied numerous of topics including zoology, natural history, forensics, German, and composition. He also still loved to box and wrestle for his physical workouts. Theodore also started to row at Harvard as …show more content…

This was a big add on to his resume for becoming the president. Here he also showed his leadership skills and grew his favoritism over the people. Then as it got closer to the next election he didn’t run but he helped campaign for William McKinley. William ended up winning the election but did not finish up his term as he was shot and died eight days prior. So, with that Theodore Roosevelt, the Vice President at the time was sworn in and took the role as President of the United States. When Teddy was sworn in he was the youngest president ever at 42 years which still stands today with a close second with John F. Kennedy who was 43 years old. Then shortly after that Teddy gave the first annual message to

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