Implications Of Social Media

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We are living in an era where access to information has become even more innovative. There was a time when people used to sit in front of TV and watch news and other current affairs’ programs. But now, things have changed a lot as people are getting news through social media, mostly from Facebook and Twitter.
Currently we have quick access to breaking news than ever before, as we can get it through Social Media immediately as it occurs, sometimes even before the reporting of News Agencies or Channels, a reason why more people are getting inclined towards social media for information and news. Apart from that, smartphones have played a major role in reducing the gap and have made access to information easier and made it a tap or sound beep of notification away to know about any latest happening.
Initially when the flow of information began to increase with the latest developments in the field of journalism, Television was the common source through which people used to get information. But now, with more advanced technology and easier access to internet, that too via smart devices, it has become even more feasible to visit news-websites instead of watching television.
But that does not stop here, incorporation of Social Media in the race of information flow has not only provided platform for common people to impart their role in Information World but concept of Journalism and News Broadcasting or Publishing is also seen on Social Media. This diversity in information flow of

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