Importance Of Light In Visual Merchandising

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Communication is not specifically classified as two human being talking and exchanging opinions. It could be a cause of an action from a non-living medium towards a human emotion that would intiate a form of action. Light would be one form of communication. ‘Light; A spectrum of rays that could be seen by the sense of sight. It is the natural agent that makes things visible by sight. Light could also be an expression towards a human being indicating a particular emotion or mood’1. ‘It comes in differents forms of colors which could determine a change of Indoor Lighting, Gender, and Age on Mood and Performance’2. Also as define by Marshall Mcluhan light is define as the only pure medium. Light extends the sense of vision. As Marshall Mcluhan would put it, light will be a form of ‘cool medium’ similar to television. It runs in the background/displays. ‘It does not force one into a behaviour but it does attract or change one behaviour to compel towards whats being communicated’3. Here we are focusing on variations of lights used in visual merchandising. An advertising process that is significant to the masses. We will be investigating the importance of the lights used, how it is being used in order to communicate to the specific audience in visual merchandising and the affect on the masses, economically and socially.

Visual Merchandising

‘Visual merchandising can be defined as everything the audience sees both exterior or interior that creates and image of a

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