Importance Of Software Engineering In Software Development

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This unit provides an overview of software engineering concepts, the importance of software engineering during software development. Types of software are described and how certain software engineering tools, techniques, and methods may be applied to specific software. During the software development process, software engineers must adhere to ethical and professional issues in an organization.

Upon successful completion of this unit the students should be able to:
• Outline the importance of software engineering during software development
• Apply software engineering tools, techniques and methods in a specific environment
• Evaluate and discuss various types of software
• Have a thorough understanding of ethics at an organisation …show more content…

The vendor must design and implement the software specifically for that customer, hence the name “customized” (Sommerville, 2016:21). Examples of customized software include control systems for electronic devices, specific business processes and air traffic control systems.

The main difference between generic and customized software is that generic products are controlled by the vendors whereas customized are controlled by the organisation buying the software. In terms of specifications, generic specifications are done by the vendors whereas customized specifications are done by the organisation buying the system; the organisation will outline specific requirements and their needs.
Definition of Software engineering According to Sommerville (2016:21), software engineering is defined as an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early stages of system specification through to maintaining the system after it has gone into …show more content…

A high-quality software must be produced.

There are two reasons why software engineering is important:
• It is cheaper to use software engineering methods in the long run, since most individuals and society rely on advanced software systems.
• Reliable, efficient, trustworthy and economically sound systems must be produced by software engineers. If good software engineering practices are not followed, this could lead to higher costs for testing the software, quality assurance (meeting standards) and long term maintenance.
Software engineering makes use of software processes. According to Sommerville (2016:23), a software process refers to a sequence of activities that lead to the production of a software product. There are four fundamental activities which are commonly used in software processes:
a) Software specification – this is the stage where software engineers and customers sit down to define the software to be produced and constraints on the software.
b) Software development - this is the programming of a software by the development

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