Impressionism Vs Post Impressionist Art

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Impressionist art, in its striking focus on a surrounding influence or environment and the elusively generally pleasant movement of light and air, such as Monet 's ethereal "Vetheuil in the Fog" (1879), was using new methods, going against everything taught as traditional and proper by the Salon command. We see artists such as Manet challenging artistic traditions with vigor confrontation in "Le déjeuner sur l 'herbe" (1863), and impressions of modern middle-class life, rather than historical figures, as we see in Cassett 's "At the Opera" (1880). Impressionists emphasized instants in time in the lives of the middle-class people, rather than the classical focus on images of elitism. The new ideas or methods beliefs and styles of the Impressionists, along with their perseverance in the face of important disapprobation and opposition, inspired new movements that happened at the same time went down from and react against Impressionist techniques, giving rise to many exciting modern artistic styles.
Post-Impressionism, for example, without any delay calls to mind favorites of mine, such as Van Gogh 's beloved "Starry Night" (1889) and "The Bedroom" (1889). One can see the effect of Impressionism in the brush strokes, yet Post-Impressionism took its own direction, with its artists rather using beautiful, very bright and strong color in their paintings and permeating them with the emotions with the artist. Post-Impressionist is a considered most likely movement of mine, as it is
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