Imprisonment In Prison

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It is said that society gets the criminals it deserves. There is no such thing as crime free country, but how criminals are treated may change their lives, the whole system and the country’s future as well. Certain approach will give certain results, but what is the right one? Should criminals be imprisoned or rehabilitated? There are several names such as prison, detention center, correctional facility, jail, penitentiary etc. all for the same facility in which people are detained by force and sentenced to serve for a certain period due to the seriousness of the crime they had committed. Today’s prison system is similar with the old established system centuries ago. Once the state was formed as a civil organization and the written language evolved, codes and rules were set as a legal base for well and rightful society. Every disobedience resulted in legal measure and punishment. Poverty, as a background for most of the crimes committed, is also a reason for the rise of the prison facility. In the past, if people broke the rules, they were supposed to pay a fine to the country, however, because of the great poverty, they were unable to pay the fines and the authorities set the imprisonment as a recompense. Imprisonment, than and still today, stays for punishment, but, not only for punishment- for power and authority as well. It is a way of showing how the country can execute its power by punishing. For instance we can take The Stanford Prison Experiment which is a study

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