Benefits Of Rehabilitation

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It is said that society gets the criminals it deserves. There is no such thing as crime free country, but how criminals are treated may change their lives, the whole system and the country’s future as well. Certain approach will give certain results, but what is the right one? Should criminals be imprisoned or rehabilitated? There are several names such as prison, detention center, correctional facility, jail, penitentiary etc. all for the same facility in which people are detained by force and sentenced to serve for a certain period due to the seriousness of the crime they had committed. Today’s prison system is similar with the old established system centuries ago. Once the state was formed as a civil organization and the written language …show more content…

Rehabilitation is mainly associated with institutions made for people who had an injury, surgery, trauma or suffer from some mental illness and this type of institution led by doctors and professionals help them to recover. Obviously, criminals do suffer from some kind of disturbance since they commit crimes not applicable to the common sense. Rehabilitation will help the criminals to overcome their personal issues, it will help them to socialize again, to cherish the right values and not to be harmful for the people surrounding them. This process is really important in dealing with criminals because it will open a new horizon and opportunities, it will help them during the legal act not to feel only punished and humiliated, but it will make them understand and willful to change. The aforementioned Stanford study was mainly aimed to show the changes in prisoners’ behavior and the conclusion was that even mentally stable people in that type of surrounding started to act submissively, to show signs of depression, emotional disorder, to lose their own identity and identify with the prison life. Some of the participants had to leave the study because they could not endure longer and it might have led to permanent health damage. These consequences are the opposite of what the prison’s purpose should be. Criminals are people who need help and what should be done is a rehabilitation

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