Imtj Strengths And Weaknesses

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Overview I took the Myers-Briggs Personality test and tested as an ENTJ. I felt that the this gave me an accurate rating and felt that the description it gave was accurate. I went and read the descriptions for all the other personality types to see if any of them were a better match. I found INTJ to be close but feel that ENTJ was definitely the best match. The “commander” or “Field Marshall” make up less than three percent of the population. Natural born leaders, they are usually confident and command authority. If given the opportunity they often will assume leadership roles. They enjoy organizing people into groups. ENTJ 's have a knack for placing people where they are most efficient. They can be ruthless in their drive …show more content…

ENTJ’s try to take away positive lessons from their mistakes so as to not repeat their failures. Tend to be able to move on after a relationship has ended (not always a good thing). Pursue enhancing knowledge and continue educating themselves. Tend to be fair and direct, although sometimes lack tact. Good with money, can see the strategic effects of where they put their monetary assets. Genuine interest in other people 's opinions. This helps to become more knowledgeable on many topics. ENTJ’s enjoy stimulating conversations with people who stand up to them. Usually, maintain a positive outlook. ENTJ 's are normally cool and composed under stress and don 't crack under …show more content…

One of the weaknesses of ENTJ 's is that they can react in a volatile manner when under extreme stress. Don 't do well-sharing credit with other people. Tend to want their exploits and endeavors to be in the limelight. The natural drive to be a leader can hinder sharing responsibilities. Difficulty expressing love and affection. Sometimes gestures seem awkward or inappropriate. Don 't connect well to emotionally driven people. Overly competitive and critical of direct criticism.Tend to be confrontational. May appear argumentative because of their enthusiasm for verbal

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