In By Robert Frost: Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Is it possible to regain lost things? Is one of the Main themes in the outsiders by S.E. hinton The outsiders is about a boy named ponyboy, growing up on the bad side of town with a gang of friends.and containing a deadly rivalry with socs. and finding your gold. AN important part of my them is a poem In by Robert frost “nothing gold can stay”. the poem means a good thing can't last forever. The theme of this book is not only good things do not last, but more accurately: is it possible to lose a good thing and then find it again.
Ponyboy starts out gold then johnny kills bob they go to the church to escape the church lits on fire the think due to their cigarettes there are kids stuck inside they go rescue johnny breaks his back and later dies.after that phony gets really depressed and stops working hard in school but when he gets the letter from johnny he gets his gold back and writes this book. Phoony boy is a fourteen year old greaser …show more content…

Johnny is a small greaser with shaggy hair and sad puppy dog eyes. with a very bad home life an abusive father and a mother who ignores him. despite all of that he was gold in chapter 8 phony boy said”I figured a southern gentleman had nothing on Johnny cade.”Even though johnny may hve not look as presentable as a southern gentleman With his greased hair and the neighborhood he lived in. Johnny was nice polite and kind as any southern gentleman he would never hurt anyone if he had the choice not to.Phony thought he was just as good as a southern gentleman even With all the challenges he faced every day. Johnny started out gold and stayed good for a long time but nothing gold can stay. Johnny had to make a split second choice in between bob and phony boys life and he choice to kill bob.and save phoony boy. killing bob even though he did save phoony boy made johnny lose his gold. johnny redeemed gold after risking his life to save those kids in the burning. Johnny dide gold after saving those kids

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