Similarities Between The Outsiders And Apocalypse Now

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The Outsiders is a book written by S.E. Hinton, that was an inspiration from her friends(the greasers) and the well dressed kids(the socs). It is/was very popular with teens because many could relate to the book. The movie was at first ignored by many because the movie directors created “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now”. People didn’t think they would have the correct idea on “The Outsiders”. Originally the movie left out major parts of the movie which were the opening and ending. The second version of the movie included the complete opening and ending. Some people say the second version was how Ponyboy would have written it. The second version was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, he originally was not going to create a movie about The …show more content…

The socs are, Cherry, Bob, Randy, and Marcia. The main problem between the two groups(socs and greasers)is that they do not get along. The groups have rumbles which is a fight between the socs and greasers. During the book & movie the characters develop more over time. Ponyboy changed by realizing that Darry (his oldest brother) really cares about him. At first he thought Darry hated him because he always yelled at him. Darry just wanted Ponyboy to become successful. Next Cherry was a soc, but she became a spy for the greasers. Cherry didn’t like the fighting between greasers and socs, so she became a spy. Plus she had a crush on Dally. Thirdly, Johnny in the beginning was shy, he later became more outgoing. An example of this is when a group of kids were stuck in a church fire. He went in and helped them, he said,”Shut up” to the kids. To help them get out. Some key events that happened was when Bob, was drowning pony boy in a fountain. Johnny went behind Bob and stabbed him, because he wasn’t stopping. Another was the church burning down with the school kids in them and Johnny and Pony saving

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