In Lord Of The Flies, Piggy: An Analysis

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For the past year society's standards of homosexuals has changed dramatically, last summer gay marriage has been legalized in all 50 states in the us. Now sympathizers of transgender are trying to advocate for bathroom changes for transgender, these people are demanding equal rights to bathrooms that they associate with. I personally find this outrageous and immoral. The concept is very ludicrous, why are we allowing people to choose their gender? It’s ridiculous, I personally believe or would like to think that all children were raised as one gender, and that their parents educated them on the simple concept of where to use the restrooms. How delusional, what message will this send to the future generations if we allow atrocities like these to continue. According to the US amendment- the law of the land- our right is protected by freedom of speech, which one can interpret as being tolerable for others point of view, but this issue is contradicting to the pursuit of happiness, how other US citizens right are being violated. Why should the majority get condone for the actions of a few, must we …show more content…

The novel takes place on an abandoned island where a bunch of children and teenagers get stranded. They are forced to fend for themselves and through a series of unforeseen events, it turns most of them into barbaric savages who have no disregard for others. Piggy was used as a scapegoat by the antagonist, Jack to secure power. He tormented Piggy at every opportunity he gets to prove his dominance. Similarly, the Transgender society is often different from most, the majority of them has most likely been ridiculed due to how they portrayed themselves in public. Yet, unlike Piggy, a kindred heart boy who only want to do what’s best for everyone, transgender are trying to force their own ideology on the rest of the

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