Transgender Identity Essay

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When kids get confuse he tries to kill himself if he belief that their is no way to escape from the people trying to forcing to do something he/ she don’t agree,an makes them believe that you are rejecting them or trying to change them and this creates a problem like the tragic suicide of Joshua Alcorn who almost die because his or her parents were taking him or her to therapy and treatment so that to discourage his identifying as a girl . The reason why I Agree with LGBT is that they gave a good reason that a person's gender identity does not affect anyone else it does not turn others to my own understanding If a transgender person feels that he/she does not feel complete in a body that was meant for him and …show more content…

Each person in the world finds peace of mind in a different way; people that get butt implant, like breast implant enhance the size and shape of the butt because they feel that something is wrong or missing from there body so they try to right the mix up by doing surgery. in my belief they are no different from a transgender person wish to change himself it doesn’t mean he/she is trying to change gender, but confirming their gender. This Helps them accomplish harmony, and gave them peace of mind this should be the goal of professionals, but for all of us. People with anorexia face bad health consequences for changing their bodies to match their perceptions. Transgender people face undesirable health consequences if they don’t. That’s besides the fact that body image, like society and age, functions in a different way from gender. This are type of problem from what transgender people face every day in their life

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