Indian Figurative Language

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In “The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie, the author develops characters through his use of figurative language. These comparisons have a considerable impact on characterization and development of a character's personality and background. Sherman Alexie uses similes to develop the characters background. While developing, Arnold Spirit said, “I started wearing glasses when I was three, so I ran around the rez looking like a three-year-old Indian grandpa”(Alexie, 4). By describing himself as looking like a “three-year-old Indian grandpa” Alexie suggests to the audience that Arnold’s glasses were a source of embarrassment and insecurity for him. Alexie portrays the insecurity of Arnold through a simile and the …show more content…

Arnold says, “Those guys made Indians feel like insects pinned to a display board” about collectors (Alexie, 134). Nearly two-thirds of the way through the novel, Alexie is still developing not only the main characters, but the supporting characters as well, such as Junior’s Mom, Dad, and Rowdy with figurative language. Arnolds quote communicates that the readers still need development to improve how the readers think of the characters. Every time the author adds another detail about a character, the choices the character made and who the character is, becomes more clear to the readers. To allow the reader to become part of the novel, character development is imperative. Alexie’s use of figurative language allows the readers to experience a personal connection with the characters Alexie’s use of figurative language develops the characters in the novel and brought those characters and their past to the reader's mind. Alexie's use of figurative language has a great impact on furthering the reader's understanding of the character's background, personality, and how the characters background affects their

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