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Indonesia’s Democracy in Suharto’s Era The word democracy comes from the words “demos” which means republic or citizen, and “kratos” which means “authority”. Democracy in general, means “government or rule by the people”. However, the democracy in Indonesia differs from other countries; Indonesia’s democracy is called Pancasila Democracy (Mengenal Sistem Demokrasi Indonesia). Pancasila Democracy is based on the five principles of national ideology, which are belief in one supreme God, justice and civility among peoples, unity of Indonesia, democracy through deliberation and consensus among representatives, and social justice for all the people of Indonesia (Soekarno’s Old Order). It is a constitutional democracy which prioritizes consensus and the authority of their citizens (Mengenal Sistem Demokrasi Indonesia). One of the most significant and brilliant periods of Indonesia’s democracy was the democracy under the rule of Suharto, called the “New Order”. The history of New Order consisted of the development of Indonesia under Soekarno, the milestone of New Order, policy of Indonesia under New Order, highlight of New Order, weakness of New Order, the dictatorship of New Order, and the collapse of New Order. The development of Indonesia under…show more content…
President Soekarno was pressured to sign this decree, which states the transfer of power from Soekarno to Suharto to restore security, calm, order, and stability in Indonesia. (Sejarah Orde Baru) Suharto subsequently banned Indonesia’s communist party PKI, cleaned up the mess from the 30 September Movement, and strengthened the political role of army in Indonesia (Suharto’s New Order). In 1968, Suharto officially became Indonesia’s second president. This marked the new era called “New Order”. This terminology “New Order” was used to highlight the newborn order from the Soekarno’s Guided Democracy, calling it “Old Order”

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