Industrialization Dbq Essay

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By the end of the civil war the creation of the large-scale industrialization was developed due to war profits such as weapons and foreign investments such as trading commodities with different countries. Therefore, during the years between 1865 to 1900, industrialization affected the United States society in many significant ways through business, government and labor.

Many business corporations were involved with the government. In document 2, the author is political activist and impacted government workforce by illustrating an image that shows big businessmen are controlling the senate. Money equals power so since the Business companies have, almost full power over them, they can clearly manage anything they desire. The government is …show more content…

In document one, The author's purpose in writing was to show the decline of consumer prices, which is stuff people buy, and is shown by historical statistical graph of the United States index prices. During the 19 century standard of living for Americans improved during the time. . Also the general living stay the same. Overall industrialization, helped American society due to technological developments which lowered prices. In June 1889 there is a huge gap between the rich and poor. Meaning that the rich with launch their money to the poor which made them feel lower than they were. However, in document 4, Andrew Carnegie explains, with the Gospel of wealth, that the rich should not flaunt their money and should instead be humble about it in a nice manner. However one famous worker impacted many non-workers. That famous burger was to be known as Jane Addams. She was the founder of the full house in Chicago which offered both classical academic and practical education to anyone who lived poor. Since business was closed to them, they were to work in hard conditions, which then led to a movement for women frustration. So clearly, Americans were not happy with the business corporation involved with industrialization because it affected the United States in a bad …show more content…

Factories were very sufficient during this time because it made business corporations gain more profit. Even though this is a highly productive way to work it destroyed individualism so this effectively work in the United States because workers were used to working alone rather than factories which paid them lower wage. In document six the author's intended audience was the labor workers and is shown by the demanding less hours by those labor workers. Labor workers demanded a reduction of work which will then give a due share of work in wages to reserve army of labor and eliminate many of the worst abuses of the industrial system. However some labor workers were not getting any work due to immigration. Which then on May 6, 1882 president Chester a Arthur had passed an act which was called the Chinese exclusion act which, prohibited all immigration of Chinese laborers. Most Americans claimed that the Chinese were taking their jobs in the were not getting enough money. So the labor part of the Second Industrial Revolution was highly degraded by laborers because it never really benefit them. Most of them were against the labor industrial

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