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Have you ever thought how the end of this wonderful world will come to its final lap around the sun? It’s March 28, 2042, and a higher unknown being has begun to inhabit and take over the earth. Destruction and chaos are roaming all around, everyone fleeing from this destructive force. But how, and why have they come? The government allows for this to happen because of their hiding. Aliens have been spotted all throughout history. Although history states this, some argue that there is no legit proof. Not only does the government cover up evidence, a huge portion of the world is undiscovered. Nobody knows the purpose or want of these aliens, Along with all of this, Area 51 is an unsolved mystery.

All throughout history there have been numerous situations of alien sightings. Some fake, some real. The government has had a big impact on how the people perceive these sightings. Area 51 is the most famous known base for supposed hiding of aliens. A famous story of alien sightings was the Roswell UFO incident. People have seen a flying saucer. The government, of course, covered it up saying it was merely …show more content…

Many wonder how the start of Area 51 started, and the truth behind it. Area 51 begun to experiment of new, unknown spacecraft. Why make new spacecraft? Area 51 is studying spacecraft 's to get to other planets and research on other sources of life. What are the conspiracies of Area 51? It is known that the government will not support, fund, or start a project this big without any reasoning. If there was alien destruction done there the base could be held as a coverup for them to study why and how it occurred. Why is Area 51 where it is? Why would this base be stationed in Mexico? Is there a huge debacle with aliens occurring there. There are many unanswered questions that come along with Area 51 and what the purpose of it. The only way to succeed forward is if the government stops hiding and running away from the

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