Informative Speech Outline: Drag Racing

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A. Attention getter: The clock is clicking down from the start of the announcement over the system. A loud rumble sounds throughout the crowd and you feel the vibrations in your stomach. The clock ticks down as they race to the line. Then, they anxiously await their turn to approach the starting line. The smoke burning off the tires from the burnout signifies the start of the race. Both cars line up on the starting line to race to the death towards the finish line for the win. B. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on a drag race unfolds from start to finish at a race track. C. Preview: I will talk about background information on drag racing, how drag racers know when to race, how racers get lined up to race, and how a race ends.
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Background information on drag racing
1. After World War II, America became involved in race cars and drag racing. During this time, drag racing was illegal.
2. The race track is 1,320 feet long. Racers typically race a thousand feet for safety purposes.
3. Drag racing is between two racers that race down the track in a straight
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There are two yellow lights on each side of the tree for each racer to light up. Racers light up the yellow lights one at a time, a series of yellow lights follow, and then wait for the green light to light up.
D. How a race ends
1. The first racer to cross the finish line wins. In each lane, there is board that shows a racer’s E.T. E.T. is estimated time which is a racer’s time from the starting line to the finish line.
2. A racer then pulls their parachutes, so their car slows down and they do not crash.
3. The racer goes to a track official to get their estimated time (E.T.) slip. A white slip signifies a win while a yellow slip is a loss.
III. Conclusion
A. Summary: In summary, drag racing started after World War II. A racer goes to the staging lanes when their class is called. When it is their turn to race, they do a burnout, stage their car at the tree by lighting up the bulbs, and wait for the green light to race to the finish line. The first to cross the line, wins. At the finish line their estimated time is calculated, and they receive their E.T. slip to see if they won.
B. Strong concluding statement: From staging the car to the finish line seems like a long drawn out process in a drag race, but it is over in 45 seconds or less. A drag race is done in a blink of an

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