Inmate Experience In Prisons

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The purpose of this discussion post is to describe patient/inmate experience within the medical unit of the prison system of my employer. Furthermore, explain the nurse’s role, along with the inmate experience. In addition, explain this nurse’s understanding of customer service satisfaction in correlation to reimbursement rates from insurance companies.
SCI Retreat prison has established an internal method to communicate with inmates regarding their psychological and medical needs to the correctional healthcare team. These forms of communication are sick call slips and grievance forms. Sick call slips are written forms of communication collected nightly throughout the prison system from inmates voicing their healthcare needs. These forms are then read and assessed by the overnight nurse to assure there is not an immediate medical need to access the inmate. These sick call slips are then assigned to the mid-level practitioner to evaluate and treat if necessary. Grievance forms are medical concerns but addressed by the medical doctor. The medical doctor then reviews what measures were taken and if the outcome could have been altered by a different form of treatment. This more …show more content…

Each prison must individualize programs to assess effectiveness of medical team performance according to medical needs of inmates and circumstances surrounding incarceration. Understanding that prisoners are entitled to fair and appropriate medical attention, will strengthen the inmate satisfaction with healthcare services provided. Furthermore, medical staff having and understanding of patient outcomes affecting the reimbursement payment structure will eventually impact the prison system will enable healthcare providers to consistently across the board provide consistent

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