Attraction Vs Interpersonal Attraction

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Relationships whether romantic or friendship does not exist without attraction. To understand how attraction occur between people, Interpersonal Attraction and Attachment theory have been taken account in this essay which will help us to understand how it takes place between people and these theories will be explained, described, compared and contrasted using different literature review.
Attachment theory is described as the bond that develops between the baby and its primary caregivers Bowlby (1950), where interaction patterns develop to meet the baby’s needs and for emotional development purposes. For the child’s development, primary and secondary attachment is essential. Primary attachment refers to a child’s lifelong emotional bond with …show more content…

Social psychology is the study of individual’s behaviour on how they think, feel and react to social relationships and how they go about forming social relationships with either their parents, relatives, friends and colleagues (Coon & Mitterer, 2012). Coon and Mitterer (2012) defined interpersonal attraction as the attraction that occurs between people of which it may result into friendships and romantic relationships. Interpersonal attraction is based on how much we like or dislike others in our process of being attracted to each other (Ellen, Walster & Elaine, (1969). Interpersonal attraction theory aims at explaining some reasons why we get attracted to others, by that interpersonal attraction theory introduced factors such as: physical proximity, physical attractiveness, competence, similarity and self-disclosure which influence …show more content…

According to Hazan and Shaver, (1987), this is a group of people that lacks confidence in their childhood stage and adolescence that comes due to unavailability of attachment figures. As said by Hazan and Shaver, (1987) an experience that is attained at childhood level persist relatively unchanged throughout the entire life. For example, if a person during his childhood was told that she is not beautiful, though she might be beautiful but she can be excluding herself from those that are regarded as beautiful. This can make her to feel unattractive and isolate herself from

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