Into The Wild Reflection

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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is intriguing and fascinating. Krakauer’s research of the main character, Christopher Johnson McCandless, is extensive and admirable. The novel begins with the climax of McCandless’s journey and is followed by the falling actions, and the ending immediately after. The rest of the novel follows McCandless’s journey from the beginning of his life and to his death. I found this style of organization provided me with a concise explanation of McCandless’s actions preceding his death. Krakauer explains McCandless’s journey through a unique style of writing that explains the background and details of each statement or scenario which I found to give me a greater understanding of the book but also required me to remember important details which later appeared in the book.…show more content…
McCandless begins on the pathway to the American dream with a college degree and money in the bank. He then decides to abandon everything and pursue his dreams of finding happiness in the wilderness with absolutely nothing. I was not only inspired by this, but I was heavily moved by McCandless’s beliefs. Into the Wild put the world into perspective for me and gave me a better outlook on how I should live my life. It taught me that we live in a material world and that happiness does not lie within objects. These lessons within Into the Wild make this book a vary educational book and I believe it may even be essential as the idea of materialism becomes more extreme with time. Children are to be taught this from a young age. Overall I found Krakauer creates a passionate and inspiring story. If there was one thing I would change about this book, I would simply want McCandless to survive and meet his parents whom he never talked to since
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