Isaac Asimov: The Role Of Robots In Science Fiction

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The Role of Robots in Science Fiction Before Isaac Asimov :
According to Oxford dictionary, Science Fiction is “A type of book, film/movie, etc. that is based on imagined scientific discoveries of the future, and often deals with space travel and life on other planets.”
Science fiction is said to have a long prehistory. The evidence can be brought to focus from the history of Greek Civilisation wherein the residents of Mount Olympus were on voyage to different worlds inhabited by one-eyed giants, a six-headed monster and a woman who chemically transformed people into animals.
For the first time in the history of Science Fiction, the film “Metropolis” bought the Robots on scene in 1927. The film was aimed at portraying the …show more content…

He had been a fascinating person so ever in the field of fiction filled with adventure.
In the end, what intrigues us most about the robot stories and novels is the conviction that we are no better than the robots, and perhaps worse. Perhaps we are simply the servants of human history, and our discovery of the Zeroth Law led to our Fall from grace.
Science fiction started to blossom when the masterpiece of Asimov’s work “The End Of Eternity” flourished and ultimately ended up being claimed as one of the best novels of Science Fiction worth reading. In the book, Andrew Harland, a man of eternal views dwells into the past and the present time to bring in changes in Cause-Effect relationships. But there was a sudden twist in the tale when Harland fell in love with a Non-Eternal Woman, wherein he was forced to use his techniques in order that he and his love had the chance of living together.
Asimov’s description of problems in his stories conceals the moral problems of any thoughtful human. From the above stated works of Asimov, it is certain that the robots abide by the Three Laws of

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