Isaac Asimov: The Role Of Robots In Science Fiction

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The Role of Robots in Science Fiction Before Isaac Asimov : According to Oxford dictionary, Science Fiction is “A type of book, film/movie, etc. that is based on imagined scientific discoveries of the future, and often deals with space travel and life on other planets.” Science fiction is said to have a long prehistory. The evidence can be brought to focus from the history of Greek Civilisation wherein the residents of Mount Olympus were on voyage to different worlds inhabited by one-eyed giants, a six-headed monster and a woman who chemically transformed people into animals. For the first time in the history of Science Fiction, the film “Metropolis” bought the Robots on scene in 1927. The film was aimed at portraying the Urban Dystopia in 2026 wherein the humans were divided into two main categories of which one operated underground, controlling the machineries above…show more content…
Initially, beaten copper was used and was eradicated since it was heavy enough putting the actor into stressful situation. The development in the field of science fiction started hastening with the invention of so called Pulp magazines which were magazines of entertainment sold for cheap price at the newsstands and in the local stores during the 1800’s through the 1950’s. The Three Laws of Robotics first appeared in his story "Runaround," published in Astounding Science Fiction written by Asimov, John W Campbell and Robert Heinlein in March of 1942. Isaac Asimov started to write his robot stories in the 1940s, and the first volume was brought to attention in 1950 in the name of “I Robot”. For the development of robots, one should always keep in mind the Three Laws and act accordingly. Asimov’s robot series had a collaboration with Foundation series thereby pronouncing the importance of the Three

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