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Believed to be the last monotheistic religion revealed to humans through the Prophet Muhammad, the religion of Islam is the fastest growing religion and the second largest belief in the world. A believer of Islam is identified as a Muslim and adheres to the holy book The Qur’an. Muslims believe that God is the one and only creator, incomparable and that our presence only has one true purpose, to worship and obey His existence. Muslims abide by concepts and practices including the five pillars of Islam, praying five times a day at specific timings and following the Islamic Law and the Qur’an which touches every aspect of a person’s life and the society surrounding them, providing rules and advice on various day to day situations in life. Islam…show more content…
The topic I am most keen to research and write about in such an extensive religion is Islamic Art. Art in Islam is distinctive in its own way and has its own characteristics. In the following article I will be covering topics concerning different types of Arts Muslim artists and architects applied in historical art, and still exercise at present, to turn objects into beautiful, passionate and meaningful fragments of art. Items varying from carpets, glass work to mosques. Islam is not only a religion, it is a way of living, and I will try my best to illuminate the beauty and structure of the…show more content…
Henna is a plant that is then formed into a paste to use for hair dye, body tattoos, and in ancient times used for cosmetic purposes. Henna now is left for marriage rituals and Islamic Festivals. Music Muslims are believers of vocal music, which is music only created by a person’s vocal abilities when it comes to siting Islamic music. However since the growth of the Islamic culture, some instruments has been allowed to be incorporated in permissible tunes. Drums, gongs, and the Ney are the most used instruments by the Islamic realm. Conclusion In conclusion I have taken the time and effort to write this article to introduce the beauty of different types of Islamic art and architecture and the reflection of Islamic Art on the religion itself. It is a common belief that all Muslims do not perceive themselves as perfect and do not attempt to achieve perfection, as in their eyes God is only the epitome of perfection and no human nor animal or living being can be at His divine level. The Art and Architecture in the Islamic nation is still created with love and respect and history still lives on until this

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