Island Of A Thousand Mirrors Analysis

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About Nayomi Munaweeera’s Nayomi munaweeera’s “island of a thousand mirrors” deals with the disturbing effects of civil war and the suffering of women and children in civil war. Munaweera was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Nigeria, she moved to California in 1984. When civil war was announced, in Nigeria and Asians were forced to leave Nigeria. She lives in Oakland, California. Island of a Thousand Mirrors is her first novel, it takes ten years to write and publish her novel. When she finished her novel in us she met many publishers to publish her novel, but no publisher is ready to publish her novel. When her novel did not sell she just started writing another novel. Not like some; forget about their ambition and took another path instead. She wrote another novel to show their publisher. It is the courage of women in the modern society. Even though she came out of South Asian community, which has no idea about the writing life and considers her looser. But, Munaweera doesn’t lose her courage. Even when she starts writing the…show more content…
She moves to Nigeria and US. But many poor and middle class people who can’t move from their place because of their economical status. Even Munaweera’s relative who leads a life in violent may be the belong to a middle class family; or they don’t want to move from their own country. For them, better to lead a life in trauma than to alienate from their own country. Even after getting a publisher Munaweera get in to a problem those publishers were not happy with the titles given by Nayomi Munaweera. With many title she went to publishers they select twenty title, but it was not still suitable for the publishers. She taught again her novel will not publish. Finally her long term boy friend came up with “kingdom of A thousand mirrors” as kingdom was not suitable ‘kingdom’ the word refers to colonialism, she move on to island, island of a thousand
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