An Essay On Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror

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Known as the "Polka dot Queen ", Kusama started using polka dots and nets as motifs and created fantastic paintings in watercolors, pastels and oils as early as about ten years old. In 1957, she left Japan to the States and she exhibited large paintings, soft sculptures, and environmental sculptures using mirrors and electric lights in Seattle and New York. Yayoi Kusama is also good at using mirror and water to express her idea of Infinite propagation. From the time of her New York resident period to the present, mirrors have become one of the integral materials that she has used repeatedly.(p114, We love Yayoi Kusama) One of her early example is the Infinity Mirror Room(1965)这一个作品介绍不够Though she was young and unknown, Kusama's exhibitions …show more content…

All through her life, Yayoi Kusama endeavors to depict the theme of infinity or the endless space by experimenting on different materials and methods. Her artistic creation never stops and she tries to draw inspiration from modern factors. In 2002, Fireflies on the Water, an fantastic and illusory installation work, was on show in Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. This installation consists of lights, plexiglass and water. Numerous small lights bulbs are hanging from the ceiling, symbolizing fireflies. These are surrounded and reflected by mirror walls and the water floor. The images of the "fireflights" are multiplied or propagated endlessly by the mirrors; since the water is not static but in motion. The propagated images are changing in every seconds. When the viewers enter the room and walk along the path suspended over the water, they are surrounded by a fantastic and infinite space. They become part of this world, which can be the mysterious universe, a person's brain or a virtual reality, a world of endless imaginations. Thus the interpretation of this installation work can also be endless because of Kusama's evolution in the using of different materials in presenting the concept of

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