Jakob Seilberg: A Short Story

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“Jakob Seilberg!” He stopped, rooted to the ground. The sound of the passing cars and his girlfriend’s voice went mute. The fall air chilled him as he drew it deep within himself. He forced himself to step forward. The impact of his heel on the concrete jarred him from his lethargy. “Jakob Seilberg, don’t turn your back to me,…please.” “Stay here, Donna.” He walked back to the elderly woman… “Hello, Margaret. How are you doing?” She lifted her frail hand, discolored with liver spots, from her walker. Her gnarled fingers touched the arm of his leather jacket. “It’s really you.” She lifted her watery eyes to him. “I’m sorry for the way I treated you.I know it wasn’t your fault and I shouldn’t have done you that way.” His chest tightened.

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