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Jamba Juice was the vision of Kirk Perron who was into living a healthy lifestyle, in 1990 after his workout while enjoying his smoothie he came up with the idea to start this business venture. Next, he went to the bank in hopes of getting the needed funds for his startup venture. However, the banks refused to loan him the funds to start his venture. Then Kirk Perron decided to ask his mother for a loan to get him started she agreed. Hence in 1990, he opens his first store formerly called the Juice Club, where “over 2,600 customers” patronize his shop the very first weekend it open. Comparatively the business kept growing at a phenomenal rate that they decided to come up with a name that would reflect the concept of a healthy atmosphere one …show more content…

The priority is to provide healthy food and bring happiness to everyone. We treat all of our customers with respect and warm hearts and try to bring them fun and energy to last their whole day by purchasing our products” (Staff, 2011).Additionally, the organization provides healthy choices for kids and adult to enjoy. Jamba Juice mission is aiming at promoting a healthy lifestyle, which thoroughly fixes in the healthy products they serve to their customers of fruits and vegetables that are vital to good …show more content…

Outbound logistics Outbound logistics should consist of having the closest possible distributing centers. Preferably, local growers, were they can receive fresh product quickly to provide to their patrons. There should be a way to electronically inform suppliers of product inventory to keep demanded items in stock. Jamba Juice should continue to collect the Conditions of goods should provide 100% to the customer and efficient scheduling, finished goods processing. Marketing and sales Local ads should be placed advertising the services, along with flyers handle out to the customers to give to friends informing them of the value of the products offer on the overall health. Plus, contact different health clubs nearby to place flyers for them to distribute. Additionally, surveys should be given out to customers with a special offer for filling them out to obtain valuable feedback. Another marketing focus is not on the cost but the overall differentiation of being an establishment that offers healthier products was the vitamins can be easily absorbed by the body. Without artificial ingredients added to the

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