Jay Z's Song 'Big Pimpin'

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Jay Z’s song Big Pimpin’ received great hype and one of the major reason behind it was its beat. The beats used in the song were composed by the Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi in 1957 for Khosara Khosara, an Egyptian movie. The Big Pimpin begins with the Middle Eastern flute which is claimed to be the song of Abdel Halim Hafez and Baligh Hamdi. The heirs of the Egyptian composer claims that Jay Z has illegally used the flute beats in his song. The case was filed as against the copyrights of the Egyptian song which added a twist to the story. The case wasn 't just about the beats, but against the cultural sensitivities too. The Jay Z’s song has vulgar lyrics supporting casual sex and featuring violence against women. According to Timbaland,

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