Jeffrey Dahmer Case Study

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Section 1: Description of Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal, killed 17 homosexual boys and men. Jeffrey Dahmer’s case helped the study for medical and psychology fields. When he was born he was known as happy child but after getting a surgery to correct a double hernia it changed his personality completely making him more reserved. To cope, Dahmer started to dissect animals, abuse alcohol and developed antisocial tendencies. This case shocked and sickened many individuals due to the violent nature of the murders.
Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. His parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. In an interview by Stephanie Nolasco (2017) with Shari Jordan which was Jeffrey Dahmer’s step-mother it was …show more content…

When he visited the gay bars often had to offer the boys or men money to lure them to his apartment (Schwartz,1992). As stated in Ewing (2006), in November, Dahmer committed his second murder, but Dahmer never recalled how the man died, just that carried the body in a suitcase to his grandmother’s house. At the house he told authorities he masturbated on the body, skinned and dismembered it and threw the remains of the body in the trash. Dahmer’s killing spree would rapidly escalated nearly two months after the second homicide and would last for about three and half years before the police would finally catch him (Ewing,2006). According to Schwartz (1992), later in Dahmer’s confession he said, “he killed his victims to prevent them from leaving”. He would attempt to turn some victims into zombies by drilling holes in their skulls and pouring acid on their brains to try to keep them around longer. Schwartz (1992) stated that Dahmer had no social skills to develop relationships of any form, so he relied on corpses.
After being caught and evaluated by many psychiatrists, Dahmer was deemed as not legally insane but just a sick person with a severe antisocial personality disorder. George Palermo, one of the psychiatrist testified that “Jeffrey Dahmer killed these people . . . because he wanted to kill the source of his homosexual

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