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Parents of young children have a lot to worry about and hope for. Jessica Statsky's Children Need to Play, Not Compete, shows how kids today focus more on competing against each other than working together. Although her report is not completely stable, Statsky does a half convincing job to prove herself. She uses multiple sources and includes parent opinions, but forgets to mention a few important topics. Statsky provides multiple sources to get more detailed information about her thesis. Not only does she use websites such as the National Little League site and the National Association of Sports Officials, Statsky quotes authors from the New York Times and the Los Angeles. They both contain or contained sports reporters that know every …show more content…

They are the first to jump up to defend their precious babies when needed. When it comes to harmful sports, they get quite defensive. Statsky thinks that children get too scared of being hurt during playing time, so they lose the thrill of playing in the first place. She quotes the mother of an eight year old Peewee football player who explained her kid's fear. She proposed that when kids get too afraid during sports, they pretend to be sick or injured to prevent staying in the game. Just like playing hookie from school, it is kind of easy to convince a parent to let someone stay home a day or sit out a game. According to Christine Romano, "They [parents] could easily imagine their own child pretending to be hurt or ill if they were fearful or depressed" (Jessica Statsky's "Children Need to Play, Not Complete": An Evaluation). Even I have done the same thing. When I played softball, sometimes I got so scared that I would lie and say I twisted my ankle. Everyone knew I had bad ankles and that they often hurt. Plus when I used to play football with my family, I would make up a story to sit out. Just playing the backyard with people I know really well scared me. I knew how ruthless and rough they could be, so I avoided them when

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