Jhumpa Lahiri And My Iop Analysis

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My name is Raeheth Sahni and my IOP is on Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies. The book is a collection of short stories that has the theme of diaspora running throughout. The book is primarily set in Calcutta and Boston. In my IOP I will be focusing on the short story ‘Sexy’. I have written an interview of Jhumpa Lahiri through which i will bring out the various themes in the text as well the authors viewpoint.

I see an element of feminism in stories like ‘Sexy’ did it play on your mind a lot while writing these stories?
The main character in this story Miranda is willing to be treated like a doormat by Dev. Her loneliness causes her to accept the way Dev treats her because she has no other no one else to make her feel loved and pretty. Their relationship however is that of convenience for Dev because his wife is going to India for 2 week when he meets Miranda. He can sense the loneliness and weakness in Miranda that leads him to pursue her. The relationship for Miranda however, is that of love. She pictures them taking pictures at the Taj Mahal like Laxmi and her husband did, but Dev made it clear from the start that he had wife. Dev never cared about Miranda and completely objectified her. He only spoke of her long legs and insisted she didn 't wear any clothes. He was merely in the relationship for sex. He wasn 't bothered about what she wore, or how she felt, he didn 't even care when the relationship ship ended. Laxmi’s cousin is similar to Miranda in this way
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