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Very similar to his father and grand father before him Jim Bowie was an adventurer. Jim Bowie was born in Kentucky in the year of 1776, while Jim Bowie was still very young In the year of 1802 he and his family moved to Louisiana. In his early years of life Jim Bowie was wild and free, when he wasn 't learning from his mother or working for his father, bowie liked to explore the woods around his family 's house. Known as the “wild bowie boy” in all the surrounding communities legends grew about Jim Bowie 's early life. Often they were told of Jim Bowie riding upon the back of an alligator, practicing the lasso, or hunting with his young indian friend he had met in the woods surrounding his home. Jim Bowie received the famous “bowie knife” from his brother, Rezin …show more content…

Jim Bowie later became a mexican citizen and married his love, Ursula Veramendi, in San Antonio on April 22 in the year of 1831 after a very long honeymoon. Jim and Ursula Bowie settled into their home of San Antonio. Jim Bowie spent little time at home and it was said, he had became absolutely fascinated by the tales of “lost” Los Almagres Mine, that was said to be located west of San Antonio near the ruins of an old Texas mission. Jim Bowie was granted permission from mexican authorities for the expedition to the “lost” Los Almagres Mine which led into indian territory, and on November 2 in the year of 1831, he left San Antonio with his brother, Rezin Bowie and nine others. In the Texas Revolution, Jim Bowie was a leading participant at the Grass Fight near San Antonio. Jim Bowie was also in command of a volunteer force in San Antonio when William B Travis arrived with his army troops. Both of the men shared authority during most of the Siege of the Alamo, which caused some friction between the two of them. Jim Bowie later got pneumonia and was disabled from fighting. Jim Bowie was confined to his cot for many days. Jim Bowie died on March 6 in the year of 1836 at the Battle of the

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