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“Yo, Slim Jim! Get me a Strawberry Yogurt!”
“I gotcha, Broseffini,” Jimenez was rushing from table to table at fort MacCabre, getting drinks for all the Navy men. He was an intern, so he was kind of abused by the Navy men, one particular guy being Broseffini. At least he got experience with the program. He was in NJROTC, and wanted to be Navy in adulthood.
His parents are both in prison for trying to fry an egg on the sidewalk, King Trump saw personally to that, as Slim Jim’s father was his democrat rival. Anyway, now he lives in an orphanage in Venezuela, but serves as an intern at Fort MacCabre in the Summer. As his friends put it, he was expendable. Overall, he had a bad past.
He was cleaning the restrooms when it happened. The Commies …show more content…

Wyatt Smith was literally a hulk, he actually was made stronger by radiation from a nuclear explosion in Taiwan, during the Fourth World War(2103-2109). They were watching the feet of the invaders from behind the office desk they were hiding in, when Wyatt got mad.
“Oh, no. Grab this, Slim,” Brosef handed Slim Jim a .45 pistol and started shooting at Communist troops, but was soon downed. Wyatt wasn’t, though. Wyatt took out a regiment of Communist troops and busted through the wall, to the freedom of the outside. Jimenez was on his own.
“Come here, boy!” Lord Valdishiy Ruptnokalibernyzinschkinghyovpntovokiy gestured his hand towards Jiminez. Jimenez raised the .45, but a Communist sharpshooter shot the pistol and it broke in half. Jimenez, unable to run, came towards Valdishiy, who sat him down, and began a long, boring lecture on the values of the late United Soviet Socialist Republic..
“AAAAAAUUUGHHHHHHH!!! COMMUNISM IS DRAINING MY LIFE SPIRIT!!” Jimenez staggered backwards, and passed out.
Jimenez woke up in the back of a van, a crushed van. Valdishiy’s Chauffer was shot, and Valdishiy was running out of the car. Wyatt was stomping on the car with his huge, blue

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