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John Adams for President

In the upcoming election of 1800, Federalists John Adams and Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson will both be running for president of the United States of America. John Adams, the current president will be running for a second term in office. Meanwhile Vice President Thomas Jefferson will hope to become the third president of the United States. Each candidate is running as the leader of their respective parties. John Adams of the Federalist party is the best candidate for president in the election of 1800, because he supports broad interpretation of the constitution for the common good, federal government's ability to enforce rule of law, and an emphasis on our nation’s security.
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One such example of federalists’ policy is during the Whisky rebellion. A group of unpatriotic farmers, unhappy with a tax on whisky the government implemented, decided to rebel. George Washington, decided with the Federalist party to send a group of troops to enforce the law, and end the rebellion. Such actions by the government are necessary to keep our nation safe and stable. Rule of law is very important and everyone must follow the laws. When talking about the Whisky Rebellion, Alexander Hamilton asks the question, “shall the general will prevail or the will of a faction?” (Alexander Hamilton) Hamilton believes that a nation should strictly enforce the laws, instead of submitting to the wishes of a small group of people. If, whenever someone disapproves of a certain law, he decides to rebel, then the nation will never be stable. Only by enforcing all laws can we succeed as a nation and prevail. Critics of George Washington’s courageous actions argue that repealing the law would have been better. However, if we repeal all laws that face just a little disapproval, how can we as a nation expect to succeed and be strong? Only by strictly enforcing against rebellion, and passing necessary laws can we as a nation succeed. Critics however, also argue that the Whisky Tax is unconstitutional. However, the great Alexander Hamilton states that the Constitution says that, “Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes.” (Alexander Hamilton) It is unfathomable how one could deem such a tax unconstitutional, as it is clearly expressed to be constitutional in the Constitution

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