John F Kennedy Rhetorical Analysis

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Nicholas R. Cortez
AP. Language
Friday, October 7th, 2016
Rhetorical Analysis Paper John F. Kennedy, one of the past presidents of America, is also one of the last Presidents to fully write his own speech. This being truly fantastic, also leaves room for the more personable tone of Kennedy 's speech. For example, his tone is very teacher like, or peremptory, and over the course of the whole speech, he also shows prodigious word diction, and also unbelievable syntax. However, I personally would like to allude to his values and presupposition on his own thoughts over biblical beliefs and his choice of imagery words and phrases. John F. Kennedy was one of the last presidents to fully write his own speech, and after his time, the president 's got, in my own words, lazy. They stopped using their own words to help support their ideas. However, this isn 't the topic of this, but the topic of Kennedy 's choice of word choice and sentence structure. For example, Kennedy ,in many parts of his speech, uses metaphors, paradigms, and, abstract word choice to make his audience, the citizens of the world, think more and more easily understand the point he is getting to. One fantastic example of this sentence structure is line 13, when he uses a paradox, as shown here “for only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed.” The reason I chose to quote this crucial part of his speech, is to show that Kennedy uses words that
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