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Impact: to have a strong effect or influence on someone. I have had many good teachers throughout my years in school, but one stands out above the rest. One who has made an impact on my life. He is Mr. John Schaidle.
At the beginning of my 6th grade year, most of my friends were going out for wrestling. I was debating whether to join or not, and they convinced me to do it. It was one of the best decisions I ever made because this is where I first got to know Mr. Schaidle. Throughout the season, he taught me how to wrestle and how to be a leader. He was not only concerned about winning at wrestling, but also teaching us to be responsible, to show respect, and how to be a man. We, as a team, became close friends and made many unforgettable memories. Mr. Schaidle was tough on us, but at the same time we knew it was because he wanted to make us better. If we …show more content…

Schaidle had a horticulture class that I took my seventh and eighth grade year. It was an Explore class in which we would go outside, work on projects for the school, and keep up the Nature Center. This was something I loved doing and we got a break from book work, which was right up my alley. Picking up sticks became a common job when the parking lot remodel knocked down a lot of trees. All of the limbs went into a pile and when it grew tall we had a bonfire. If the class worked hard during the week, then we were rewarded a fishing day on Friday. Through the experiences and activities in horticulture, I learned that working hard can be rewarding. Mr. Schaidle shared a lot of knowledge about the activities we pursued. To me, it was like hands-on practice of outdoor things we will be doing as adults someday. In conclusion, the values and lessons that I have learned from Mr. Schaidle have impacted my life, personality, and actions. Mr. Schaidle made me recognize what good qualities are and taught me how to display them. He was a sergeant, a coach, a teacher, and a friend. It has been a privilege to know

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