Joseph Smith Jr.: The Latter Day Saint Movement

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Joseph Smith, Jr was born on December 23, 1805 was a Controversial American religious leader and the founder of Mormonism and started the Latter Day Saint Movement. Smith later on published The Book Of Mormon. Ever since he passed away fourteen years later, he has gained thousands of religious followers and created a religious culture that continues to exist in the present.

Joseph Smith, Jr was born in Sharon, Vermont to parents Joseph and Lucy Mark Smith. He also grew up in various different farms in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. Even though in his youth Joseph lacked a formal education, he was taught in reading, writing, and the ground rules of arithmetic. Joseph’s mother mentions that he was frequently “given to meditation and deep study”. In 1820, at the age of fourteen, Joseph was resolute to know which one of many religions he should join. When he was later on reading the Bible, he stumbled upon a passage commanding any who lacked wisdom “to ask of God” (James 1:5). In the Spring of 1820, one early morning, Joseph went to a concealed forest to ask God which church he should join, as stated by his accountant, when Joseph was praying he was then encountered by two “luminaries” who identify themselves as God the father and Jesus Christ, the son of God, who then told him to not join any church.
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In 1827, Joseph salvaged this inscription, engraved on thin golden plates, and subsequently began to translate the words by the “gift of God”, resulting in later on becoming a manuscript, which then led to the creation of The Book Of Mormon (it was written by Joseph Smith himself) that became published in March of 1830. On April 6th of 1830 Joseph later correlated The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and later on became its first

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