Juan Pablo Research Paper

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Don Miguel had been searching for Juan Pablo for what seemed like an eternity. Juan Pablo had conducted a raid on his mansion with the intent to kill him, and, during that skirmish his best friend Carlos had been brutally murdered after trying to defend the mansion from Juan Pablo's henchmen. He wanted to; no, needed to, get revenge.
He had finally found Juan Pablo, living in a smaller house than you would expect from somebody of his profession, and he planned the attack for Wednesday. The same day that Juan Pablo attempted to kill him. He and his henchmen pulled up in a black car and knocked on the door. They heard the pounding of footsteps and decided to wait a bit longer. After 30 seconds had passed and they had received no response, they …show more content…

He knew that Juan Pablo was there because the TV was on and a half eaten meal was lying on the table. He suddenly heard a loud bang from the upper floor and rushed upstairs. Before he could reach the second floor he heard gunshots and the thump of a body hitting the ground. He thought that it was Juan Pablo's body hitting the floor, and decided to let his henchmen take care of the rest. After getting back into the car, he began hearing gunshots, and wonders why his henchman would be shooting if Juan Pablo was already dead. He rushes back to the house and sees the bodies of his dead henchmen and a open door, with snow blowing in. He notices a trail of blood leading from a room to the door and out into the snow. He calls out, wondering if any of his henchmen are still alive. He hears noise upstairs and sees one of his henchmen walking towards him with two guns. His henchmen handed him one of the guns and pulled two flashlights out of his bag. “Lets finish getting our revenge.” They walked out of the door and into the dark snowy night. The beam of light from their flashlights sliced through the shadowy forest. They followed the trail of blood, continuing on through the wintry night. Suddenly they heard the crunch of walking in snow, coming from ahead. Through the light that his flashlight cast he could make out a man walking through the forest up ahead. He raised the gun to his shoulder and took a shot. He heard a grunt and the man fell

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