Judy Garland Struggles

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Stardom and Struggles of Judy Garland Predestined actress, singer, and star, Judy Garland, was born on June 10th, 1922, under the name of Frances Ethel Gumm. She was named after her vaudeville professional parents, Ethel and Francis, who had lived as entertainers that performed short theatrical routines and acts, then spent their retirement inspiring their three daughters with music. At their home in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, the piano could constantly be heard, along with other instruments that their mother taught them to play. Judy was given the nickname “Baby Gumm” for she was now the youngest child, however her age did not hold her back from being a talented performer. At the age of two, Judy’s mother already saw the potential she had…show more content…
The Garlands were frequently forced to leave the towns they traveled to due to their fathers affairs with men. Occasionally, the family would not be welcomed anywhere because of their fathers closeted homosexuality, causing them to spend many nights in their automobile. Their mother was miserable because of the situation and took her anger out on Judy. She hassled her to work hard so something could go right for the family. Their prayers were answered in 1935 when Judy was discovered by MGM at the age of 13, and signed a contract with them. They chose Judy for a film debut, Pigskin Parade. She was on the rise to becoming an independent solo artist, so they changed her name to Judy Garland for a mature professional stage name. Right after this great achievement, her life came crashing down as her father died of Spinal Meningitis. This event marked the start of Judy’s road toward…show more content…
Judy got pregnant, and her agency knew she was now old enough to have a child. Liza Minnelli was born on March 12, 1946 ,in Los Angeles, California and Judy began to suffer from post natal depression. Judy and Vincente performed in The Pirate together, yet their marriage was beginning to fail. Judy was hallucinating, making false accusations towards toward her husband and other people, and soon having an affair with Yul Brynner, a russian actor. When the affair ended she decided to save her failing marriage. She did so by joining the musical, Easter Parade, that Vincente was directing. It resulted with Minnelli being fired from director, then Judy feeling as if it was her fault. She began to feel guilty and more depressed, then failed at many suicide attempts. She checked herself into a rehabilitation center. Vincente and Liza never visited, but old lover Frank Sinatra made it a point to stop

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